Release notes 2022-06-15 — 2022-06-20

June 20th, 2022|

Features and bug fixes

  • It is now possible to add multiple sales persons on a customer. This is done from the Customer Settings tab by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • The P&L under agreement, customer and company page now only include relevant orders.
  • Fixed a bug when splitting assets in Credit where consumables for the second asset would not be visible.
  • Fixes necessary for printing service agreements from Credit.

Release notes 2022-06-01 — 2022-06-14

June 20th, 2022|

Minor features and bug fixes

  • Fixed a time formatting error in the helpdesk calendar that would display afternoon times as early in the morning.
  • Added a feature for opening and closing previous periods on the agreement payment plan.
  • Added a title and tags field to customer contacts.
  • Added a feature to copy orders.
  • In Sales, the fields for selecting users on deals and customers now only display Sales users.
  • Added price in for asset accessories and added the article number for both accessories and assets on the deal details page.
  • Improved budget page when editing rows, so that budget is no longer automatically recalculated while editing.
  • Added a dashboard for tasks to the company dashboard page.

Release Notes 2022-05-21 — 2022-05-31

June 1st, 2022|

Minor features and bug fixes

  • Added minimum column to license units under agreement.
  • Hide historic fees on agreements
  • Add possibility to set the type of reason for agreement termination
  • Added customer reference to the order on ticket and asset pages
  • Added P&L to Company Page

Release notes 2022-05-17 — 20

May 24th, 2022|

Minor features and bug fixes

  • It is now possible to add vendor pricelists to agreement types
  • When merging tickets uploaded files would not be included, this has been fixed so that files are actually copied when merging tickets.
  • Added address and location to the asset list on the agreement page.
  • The background colors of the message boxes on the ticket page was reversed compared to the message box. This has now been fixed so that the colors are consistent.
  • Added a new button to cancel purchases in Credit.

Release notes 2022-05-11 — 16

May 16th, 2022|

Minor features and bug fixes

  • The invoice text on the ticket will now not be set as description for the time article on the corresponding work order.
  • Globally shared notes from Sales and Credit are now visible in Contract.
  • In Credit, there is new functionality for splitting assets on a deal into several rows. If an asset row has a quantity greater than 1, clicking the Split rows button will create one new row per asset. Any consumables or accessories will be carried over to the new rows as well.
  • Deals that need attestation are now visible in the task list for sales managers.
  • Previously it was not possible to open leads that had no customer, this has now been fixed so that those leads can be opened.
  • Added zip code and city to the location on the ticket list page.
  • When adding new assets to active agreements it is now possible to create installation and configuration jobs in Flinker Helpdesk from the agreement page.
  • Changed the label of the field “Marks” to “Tags” on Agreement, Asset and Ticket pages.
  • It’s now possible to set if articles added to tickets should be invoiced, and from which warehouse the articles should be picked.
  • Added customer reference to ticket. It will default from the customer reference on the asset, agreement or customer account, depending on what is applicable, but can be overridden on ticket level.

Releases 2022-05-03 — 10

May 10th, 2022|

Major features

Helpdesk calendar

We’ve added a calendar view for ticket planned dates. Tickets that have a planned date and time set, will be displayed in the calendar, which is a new menu option below the Helpdesk section. The calendar displays planned work by a certain day, week or month. Each technician will be assigned a separate color in the calendar view, and the ticket in the calendar will be colored accordingly. The calendar can be filtered by technician. When clicking a ticket in the calendar, a summary of the ticket will be displayed and there are links to the ticket, the agreement and the asset for accessing more detailed information.

Minor features and bug fixes

  • New and improved admin pages for funder and vendor pricelists
  • Made long descriptions in Helpdesk expandable so only the first couple of rows are visible initially
  • Improved performance for opportunity dashboard
  • Fixed navigation to deals from quicksearch in Sales
  • Added a button for toggling Helpdesk tickets between open and pending status
  • Hide cancelled opportunities on opportunity dashboard
  • Now possible to manually extend agreements in status Extension and Under Notice